by Jake Vincent

Street photography is rooted in its ability to see the surreal, satirical and beautiful in what we are surrounded by daily. This can be a difficult task when in new and unfamiliar environments. How can one identify these qualities in places where everything is surreal and interesting to new eyes? Jake's images not only display such themes but blend them between cultures, nationalities and environments. He views the world through a beautiful and sometimes disturbing lens that blends humanity, grace and pain.

Creep is like a strange dream that wakes you up in the middle of the night. Examining one's own existence by reflecting on the humans that inhabit this world. Jake's observations expose the considerable norm that we thought we were familiar with. Across countries, landscapes, cities, pubs and carnivals Jake inspects the abnormality and beauty one finds in darkness.

These intrusive yet collaborative images between subject and observer, stop us in our tracks and force us to reflect on these people's lives as they are too caught up in this fantasy to do so themselves.

Creep is a diptych photo book shot on B&W 35mm film across Australia, Indonesia, Sri lanka and The USA.


106 Pages
210 x 210mm
Black & White
Perfect Bound
Blue Tipped in Cover
Image sequencing by Jake Vincent
Design by Oscar O’shea
ISBN: 979-8-88589-397-8
Printing : Little Print
First Edition of 150


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