An Exploration of a Printed Pages Value
by Millie Corbett

An Exploration of a Printed Page’s Value is a research project trialing the theory of negative space value within books. It surveys the treatment of a page’s space as property through the role of advertisement in an unorthodox analogue setting. The book acts as a commercial product in its own right. The more commercially cluttered the pages progressively become, the more interruption that occurs to the freedom and availability for design, as the available space is sold to mass consumption.

“Growing up I was groomed into a design path essentially. Both parents established designers in their respected fields. In saying this however, one parent is in advertising. To the disappointment of that parent, I repent the notion of commercial design and the idea of following the ‘money’ instead of holding artistic integrity.”

The publication isolates adverts found across sourced material and ratio replicated within the page size to highlight the interruption of space caused in the confines of their original sources. The negative space gradually becomes suffocated as you progress through the book, taking away availability for design to exist.


200 Pages
Black & White
Perfect Bound
Cover printed in white ink
French Folds
Images : Unknown
Text : Millie Corbett
concept co developed
with Timon Meury
ISBN: 978-1-63848-602-2
Printing : Little Print
First Edition of 50

All orders come with a limted A3 poster with images from the book

Pysical copies available in store and online at: 

Metropolis Bookshop (Melbourne CBD)
Perimeter Books (Thornbury)
Daisy Records (Online)
Brick & Mortar Supply (Prahran)




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