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APRIL 2024


‘Dominiqua’s Dark Carnivl’



Dominiqua was kicking it all by her ownsome n it was cold as and she couldn’t feel her fingers n jamie weren’t there no more n it’s like when your 16 n got no where to go no place to b n no one not one cunt knows where tf u r or where ur goin not even u and it hurts so bad in the most fuckedest way cos u thought he was gonna take it away and you’d be solid sweet ok cos loving feels so good n ur the hero in ur own life cos ur loved touched by love and grace of a merciful g_d n give it away for free , hand it over where’s it gone whatd he do with it. I don fucken know ain’t there no more n turns out love don’t kill the demon didn’t kill urs n u got a rumble in ur tummy n then ur just walking and keep walking n u can’t feel ur fingers I can’t feel my fingers and I can’t dream that way no more

Based off St Kilda’s nun legend Dominiqua and her wall stories, Sammy-Jo and Aaneke combine dream fasting and hitting legs to depict the ascension of fuckedism in biddies to born again juggalettes shivving the jugular of anger management. Dominiqua’s Dark Carnivl is for all of youse Lo’s and Lette’s who get down for the clown

MARCH 2024




OZ by Austin haire is the Second exhibition of Austin’s art works and the first time his hand made clothing has been presented and available for order. Over the last 6-8 years he has created, cut up, copied, destroyed and amended his own clothing, in doing that slowly a personal styling and fit has become a part of each piece. His latest creation’s are focusing on the outline of the object and what’s perceived as key features that would show and define its character.




‘The Artwork of Winter Garden Records’



MOM is proud to present a retrospective exhibition of Winter Garden records, a boutique lathe cut record label, founded by tattoo artist Spider X Death.

The name is taken from the apartment back where the label was first born, many years ago in the turbulent suburb of Kings Cross, NSW.

After decades of playing in many punk and hardcore bands, Spider stepped away from the mic and lived in the shadows…

Each wintergarden release is hand crafted and cut on a record lathe in true diy fashion.

This method can create a lofi sound in the records (especially in the earlier releases), so to compensate, Spider creates over the top artwork, packaging and concepts for each release.

These records are extremely limited and usually sell out in a day or sometimes an hour . Record fanatics would murder each other just to get a glimpse of a WG record.

With that in mind, for the first time ever, Spider is exhibiting all the artwork from the majority of these releases. To coincide with this event, Winter Garden will be releasing a limited Straight Jacket Nation fanzine 7” pack, which also comes with a beautiful poster and patch!

Come down early to avoid disappointment and witness Spiders first ever solo show in Melbourne .

Record collectors are potential millionaires….




Group Show

JAN 12TH  - JAN 28TH





‘Latin Mass’



Robyn Daly is a Melbourne based photographer and ceramicist, her ongoing work chases the candid moments, nondescript spaces, and in-between episodes of everyday life.

In this body of work, Robyn explores the concept of Latin Mass as a metaphor for her own medium; photography as spiritual practice. Escapism comes in many forms. Some visit a church while others play video games or doom scroll in bed. In an overstimulating and irony-poisoned world, can we still veil ourselves from the dark and twisted complexities of contemporary society? These photographs are an attempt at carving out little dips in time to reflect and consider the elemental world around us. These observations are not a rejection of reality but a forced bonding with it. Moments of appreciation to behold the mundane beauty of life and embrace duality. Honour the high-brow with the low-brow. See beyond the cracked screen and into the sunset.




‘Dopamine Suppository’



Cosmo Feltham is an illustrator, tattooist and the vocalist for the industrial-electronic trio Cutting Room. For this show, Cosmo will be hybridising painting, screen printing and painted clothing, and marker illustrations on tracing paper. These works are made in the spirit of collectors, the beach combers and dumpster divers.

Cosmo invites you to bring your own clothes, trinkets or refuse for him to rejuvenate and reimagine. Cosmo also invites you to idle away the hours with him, watch him work, bring him juice, or heckle him during the duration of the show.




‘i think i’m missing the point’



Terra Madre Love Story - A short story by Aidan Link-Freeman (DOWNLOAD)

MOM presents ‘i think i’m missing the point’ a debut solo exhibition by Aidan Link-Freeman  

Aidan is a multi media artist who works with the relationship between the written word and painting in an attempt to obscure and reveal understanding of consciousness and the physical environment.

At the cafe a man in his 30’s is reading Jack Kerouacs On the Road

I am doom scrolling an instagram page titled DailyDoseOfCringe

We are one in the same

I am afraid to get my tarot read

the same way I’m afraid to go to the doctors

Despite my ibs

True love will have to guide me

If I’m missing the point please let me know




‘Wasn’t Me’



MOM Gallery presents ‘Wasn’t Me’, a solo exhibition of paintings by Melbourne based artist Jack Summers.

In the exhibition, Summers’ paintings are the final product of a relationship between painting mediums and the collective and personal unconscious. The artist works with meditation, dreaming, movement, flow and symbology in order to create a series of works that do not solely feel like his own doing.

I think of gardening together

Trying to pry oxalis from the ground without breaking their delicate clusters

of tiny chickpea-sized bulbs.
But they would always snap

And we knew that even if we extracted thousands of them, all their dormant children waited to sprout again.
An eruption of yellow laughter, from their foamy carpet of goats feet.
Bermuda Buttercup

a will o’ the wisp, in the shadow of the sea,

We spoke of dreams.

Crouched beneath maples, recalling the hazy week of visions.

Trying to reconstruct the glisten of night dew, into a clear prism, as to split darkness, into the colour of day.

Or the other way round.
Or somewhere in between,

a pure volcanic glass, of dark rainbow obsidian

knocked over by mistake, spilling all that Self into self, or the entire circumference of time into a moment of space


Reminds me of that sludge in the well we used to play in.

That game,

Where you conceal your head from your body and then forget where you buried it.

propagating and multiplying.

Like those weeds.

thousands of pure silica spheres, compressed atop one another, endlessly refracting light into the most brilliant of opalescent hues, without a grain of pigment

It's the same as the colours bleeding through the raw cotton,

There were a lot of wells, we got lost in -pores in the skin - but that was the point right?
You get the muck, and its Rorschach stains, and our imprisoned associations. And his free radicals,

And hold the unbearable mystery beneath the magic of its laughing flowers.

And in company, you inhabit the rubble of broken buildings

and monasteries,
or a hospital bed, or that train that foretold it all.

And then you remember,

(You’ve always been gifted at that)

and the deluge evens out into a blossoming wetland.

of tiny yellow oxalis

- text by Adam Gottlieb




‘In Your Dreams’



MOM Gallery is pleased to present In Your Dreams, an exhibition of new paintings by Melbourne-based artist Jim McCullough.

In his paintings, drawings and writing, McCullough approaches concepts of life and death, grief, dreams and fantasy.

As an undertaker for 5 years in his younger life, McCullough has his own perspectives on such matters, a somewhat realistic view of life after death, or at least in the physical world.

‘It’s hard not to think about how the scene played out leading up to these unfortunate events; how it all went down. I do always remember what it smelt like on those nights. If it was raining, or if it was cold. I always remembered aspects from the scenes once I arrived too. The patterns on the curtains, the stained pillow, the painting of three ducks flying”

McCullough’s past bodies of work, such as “Therapeutic Values” drew from a more abstract approach, working strictly in with movement and color in a celebration of existence. McCullough’s last notable body of work “Glue factory” seeked to enter a more pictorial world of painting, bringing in figures, objects and subject matter. We see this new found style of McCulloughs painting continue in “In your dreams” with a refreshed style of application of paint to canvas.

“I wanted to start staining the canvas. Use rags, and pigment. It's been a challenge, and sometimes hard to get right, but it's a nice way to work”

Some of McCullough’s paintings from the body of work were created in lockdown, a time he was able to reflect on past visions and feelings. He touches on aspects of solitude, lonely characters living in their homes, forgotten by the world.

Even though there are elements of sadness to McCulloughs work there is also an element of beauty and fantasy in his paintings. 'A Dance With Time’ shows the memory of a lady with her late husband dancing in their youth.

‘In Your Dreams’ invites you into a world of unfamiliar bedrooms, into back seats of speeding cars and  neon ballrooms in the sky, all characterized by unknown figures going about their lives whilst unwillingly or willingly at their end.

MOM operates on the lands of the Wurundjeri people of the Kulin Nation. We acknowledge them as the traditional owners of the land and pay our respects to their elders past, present and emerging.