MOM Loves: Raven Mahon
MOM Loves is a short documentary series highlighting the work of some of our favourite artists. 

Raven Mahon is a Northern Californian born, carpenter, musician and sculpture artist.

Raven started playing in bands around 2003 in San Francisco, the first project being Shit Storm which somewhat morphed into the band Grass Widow. The band toured the US with nothing but a CD-R of their music until 2009 when they co-released their first full length LP. Grass Widow continued to release music through other labels until eventually creating the label HLR and self releasing their work.

As the band grew and they began to tour internationally through Europe and the UK, Raven simultaneously developed her furniture making skills. In the mid 2000’s she began working at a prop and set shop in the Bay Area and started an apprenticeship with a furniture maker in Mendocino from 2005 - 2010, which eventually turned into a part time job.

Soon after, she began to create commissioned pieces for clients and grow her practice. The projects range from, but mostly focus on; residential, mid century inspired furniture and sculptural pieces. Her passion for music has inspired many of her projects and experiments as well, making portable record players, 7” record boxes, experimental instruments and acoustic furnishing for sound studios.

Raven now resides in Victoria, Australia, where she continues to create furniture, sculptures, music and other forms of art.

Her past and current music projects also include; Bridge Collapse and Minerals (California), The Green Child, which started a couple years before her move to Australia in 2017. Since, she has joined Total Control and played in numerous other projects with friends, all the while furniture being her main focus and passion.

Created in 2021 this short film documents Ravens artistic practise and her life in general. Since filming, Raven and her partner Mikey Young, a well known muscian and producer, have moved to North Melbourne to be closer to the city and her workshop. This piece documents a time they shared in the past and their incredible home in Rye, Victoria.

You can see Ravens work and get in touch with her for custom pieces at: ravenmahon.com

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